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Political Party Contacts in New York State

NY State Committee Information
Parties with Ballot Status: Local Contact:  
Democratic Party

Tompkins County Democratic Party

Irene Stein - 266-7579

Democratic Committee - (Petitions filed in 2011)

Republican Party Tompkins County Republican Party

James H. Drader III - 564-3199

Republican Committee - (Petitions filed in 2011)

Independence Party Thomas Hatfield - 844-3397
Conservative Party  
Green Party Ken Harris - 589-4228
Working Families Party Liz Pitt -
Parties without Ballot Status:
Liberal Party  
Right to Life Party  
Libertarian Party Carl Ricketson - 607-387-9683
Marijuana Reform Party  
To correct or update local info email webmaster,
* Ballot Status means the party's gubernatorial candidate received at least 50,000 votes in the last election.
or call BOE, 607-274-5522.